An excellent example of Missed Opportunity in creating Spectacle that can Engage and Move an audience…


In which The Rough Trade Gaming Community, a massive LGBT gaming guild, hold a virtual pride parade inside Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to celebrate the game embracing same-sex marriage. Yes, good. (via BuzzFeed LGBT)

A short set of thoughts on the eve of the Solstice..

Leadership is Listening, and seeing to it that your Team is Heard.


Author Brigid Schulte says companies should stop rewarding overworked employees and focus on productivity instead.

At one company, staying late at the office is actually viewed as a sign of inefficiency and can result in dismissal. “[This company says] if you cannot figure out how to do your job in 40 hours, we will fire you.”

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Where it starts and ends in the Creation of Compelling Experience